Grow through what you are going through.

Life coaching that is tested tried and true.

Finding the power within to overcome your obstacles.

Many challenges facing young people impact their grades, performance in social areas and home life. I help by guiding them and helping them find their own solutions.

My experience comes from an extensive background in teaching, working  with diverse groups of people, and having  personal experiences with my own eclectic family.

If you are a teen or young adult, then I can help. You have the skills to get where you want, I have the tools to guide you there. My flexible life coaching can help any youth struggling.

My personal approach to life coaching

Hi, I’m Kathleen Tucker, Youth Life Coach, and welcome to finding your path in life. I have been a trusted resource for parents to find help for their teens and young adults wanting a resource they can confide in. After being a teacher for over 32 years, I had a calling to take my passion directly to those who need it most. There are too many solutions out there that rely on over therapizing young people. I believe those individuals have the answer within and just need someone to guide them. 

My life coaching centers around recognizing the true challenges being faced, validating those same challenges to help understand and then offering guidance to allow the problem to be solved. I offer nonbiased opinions which can mean a lot to a teenager or young adult. Far too often they feel overwhelmed by outward influences and having a non-judgmental coach can make an lifelong difference. 

Teen Life Coaching

How can you be the best version of yourself? Sometimes it takes asking the right questions. As a parent, it can be challenging communicating to your teen about what’s bothering them. Even worse when it impacts their grades or behavior. Life coaching is an evidence-based approach that I use to help remedy that.

Young Adult Life Coaching

The early years of adulthood can hit hard. Things show up that you didn’t have to worry about as a teenager! Transition can be challenging or maybe there are things that wasn’t solved while you were a teenager. It’s never too late and I am here to help. Through an evidence-based approach, life coaching can help you overcome.

Are you ready to grow?

Connect with me to get started. Fill out the form below and I will reach out to you at my earliest convenience. I look forward to meeting you!

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Kathleen Tucker, Youth Life Coach