Among my peers, I am well known as the lady who always has the right thing to say at the right time…

Hi, I’m Kathleen Tucker, a Certified Youth Life Coach with many years of experience helping young people face life’s challenges through coaching and mentoring. I have been a teacher for over 32 years and at one point, worked at a juvenile detention center for females. Through my experiences, I saw far too often children being over therapized at all stages. I felt that they have the ability within themselves and I could help them pull this inner strength out. Eventually I came across life coaching and found out that I was essentially already doing this for many years. After becoming certified, I quickly began spreading my reach to help the youth around the world.

In my personal life, I am married with a blended family ranging from teens to adults. Let me tell you, it’s a huge variety of personalities in this household! Even within my own children, I have helped them through depression, anxiety and many other common challenges the youth face. Most importantly, allowing them to flourish within their comfort zones as some have alternative lifestyles that differ from my own choices.

For fun, I love to golf and go scuba diving. As well as read, exercise and volunteer locally. As you can see, I am a down to earth person who enjoys life and helping others especially teens and young adults. Within all the coaching, it’s a passion that comes natural for me. I love researching adolescence and many forms of teaching. My goal in life is to help myself and others around me. Now I have the opportunity to help you. Reach out to me with whatever you are dealing with. Let’s solve it together.